bbPress is forum software with a twist. Before you run away screaming because of your past experiences with old-hat forum software that is old and outdated, we urge you to give bbPress a chance and see what makes it so special. Modern templating with a simple, intuitive interface ensures that you’ll enjoy managing and moderating your online community as much as your members enjoy contributing to it.

We’ve put together multiple demos of our bbPress integration with each Stack to give you just a sample of what you can achieve with X. Click the pictures below to see these integrations in action with their particular Stack.

Integrity – bbPress Renew – bbPress
Icon – bbPress Ethos – bbPress

With X, bbPress has been fully integrated to be as efficient as possible while still being fully responsive and looking great across the countless devices available to users these days. We’ve combed every corner of this fantastic piece of software to give it that final bit of “X magic” to really take it to the next level so that it doesn’t just feel like another add-on to your site, but rather a fully integrated, native piece of functionality.