The Themeco Team

A Passion for People and Pixels

  • Irwin Adesna@iradesna

    Irwin Adesna


  • Nabeel Ahmed@nabeel

    Nabeel Ahmed

    Support Advisor

  • Marc Aton@marc_a

    Marc Aton

    Support Advisor

  • Paolo Boquiren@PaoloB

    Paolo Boquiren

    Project Manager

  • Rubin Doller@rubin

    Rubin Doller

    Product Manager

  • Friech Friez@friech

    Friech Friez


  • Matt Frost@matt

    Matt Frost

    Director of Operations

  • Tristup Ghosh@tristup

    Tristup Ghosh

    Support Advisor

  • Scott Marlow@scott

    Scott Marlow


  • Rad Mission@rad

    Rad Mission


  • Runel Pequiro@ruenel

    Runel Pequiro

    Senior Support Advisor

  • Alexander Rohmann@alexander

    Alexander Rohmann

    Director of Development

  • Prakash Singh@prakash_s

    Prakash Singh

    Support Advisor

  • Kyle Wakefield@kyle

    Kyle Wakefield

    Founder, Managing Director

  • Kory Wakefield@kory

    Kory Wakefield

    Lead Developer

  • Christian Ynion@christian

    Christian Ynion

    Senior Support Advisor

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Themeco is a labor of love
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