99.9% Uptime SLA

Thanks to groundbreaking infrastructure powered by Amazon AWS, our smart usage of modern clustering provides the highest reliability and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

High Redundancy

This state of the art cluster technology with load balancers and multiple copies of your site ensures an event that would normally lead to downtime at the "other guys" won't be an issue for you.


To keep outstanding site performance and quick loading times, every hosting plan comes with a default US location utilizing the high speed networks of Amazon AWS which enable customers from around the world load your site quickly.

Concierge Support

The same quality of Themeco support you've come to know and love is coming with each and every hosting plan. Experience support hassle free and as efficient as possible.

The ”Spotlight“ Promise

Now when Oprah mentions your site, you have nothing to worry about. In the event of a traffic spike, your site will stay online thanks to our intelligent infastructure which has the power to make important decisions so you don't have to.

Self Healing Hosting

If something terrible happens with traditional hosting providers your site would be offline (womp womp). By utilizing our highly redundant cluster setup, a backup system takes over keeping your site online (yay).

Security Monitoring

We monitor your WordPress site and protect it against malware and other unusual or malicious activity. Our scans check for unusual patterns, and we'll be there with you to work together in keeping your site secure.


We keep daily backups of your site so in a catastrophic event like a disk error your site can be restored with a push of a button. Our hosting comes with native backups which can be triggered manually in addition to the automated daily backups that come as standard.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Themeco Hosting comes with automatic WordPress core updates so you're always on the latest and most secure version of WordPress. Now all you have to worry about is how many X licenses you're going to buy today.

Themeco Caching

Nowadays it's all about performance, but who wants to configure a caching plugin? Each Themeco Hosting plan includes a powerful server level cache. No more need for third party tools thanks to our quick and native solution.


  • 1 Install
  • 30K Visits/mo.
  • 3GB Local Storage
  • 25GB Data Transfer
  • WordPress Updates
  • Concierge Support
  • Staging
  • Backups
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  • Up to 5 Installs
  • 250K Visits/mo.
  • 15GB Local Storage
  • 125GB Data Transfer
  • WordPress Updates
  • Concierge Support
  • Staging
  • Backups
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  • Up to 10 Installs
  • 450k Visits/mo.
  • 30GB Local Storage
  • 250GB Data Transfer
  • WordPress Updates
  • Concierge Support
  • Staging
  • Backups
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Default location is US with an optional European location for an additional charge.


Wait, there's more!? So what exactly do you get with an annual subscription? Turns out you get a whole lotta goodies! Check it out to the side.

Free Migration

We'll transfer your site from your old host to your new home at Themeco Hosting.

X Installed

Let us get your theme installed and configured. You take a break.

Demo Content

If you'd like us to install one of the Standard or Expanded Demos, let us know.

Free Month

And perhaps best of all, pay for 12 months but get 13 instead (8% savings).


Yep, if you are unhappy with your service within the first 30 days, we'll be happy to give a full refund.

Can I add / upgrade my plan at any time?

You can add a new plan at any time within your hosting dashboard to add the amount of installations you can run at a time. Our plans are like legos. Piece together exactly what you need as you need it.

Can I register a domain with you?

Yes! You can register a domain or transfer / point one to our servers.

What happens when my site is using more resources than I pay for?

We try to be generous when it comes to usage and we will always work out a solution that is beneficial for both parties. There is a 24-hour grace period where we’ll work with you to address the best path forward.

Do you have any built-in caching?

Each and every hosting plan comes with Themeco Caching, which is a smart caching solution that is generating and storing static copies of your pages directly in ram. This is a lot quicker than normal caching plugins that store files on disk.

What access comes with my hosting plan?

Due to the fact that we provide you with a managed hosting solution you won't have to worry about anything. You will get your WordPress dashboard login credentials and SFTP access.

Does this hosting come with mail service?

Themeco does not provide any mail service. We fully commit ourselves to WordPress hosting and focus on providing you with the best experience possible.

Are you offering SSL?

Yes! If you need a SSL certificate you can request a free one inside your hosting dashboard at any time.

Branko Kral

Branko Kral

With how much happens behind the scenes when it comes to hosting, you really need a provider you can trust. Themeco has earned my trust over and over, and I was highly delighted to be able to sign up for their hosting plan. Thank you!

Steve Woody

Steve Woody

It's our responsibility that our clients are secure, fast and always online. We strive for the highest level of service from our 3rd party providers and expect nothing but the absolute best for all our clients. This is why we have moved our own website across to Themeco Hosting. I can't move our clients across quick enough.

Lindsay Joe Barto

Lindsay Joe Barto

Themeco has done it again! Taking something stale and making it very exciting. The control panel is beautifully simple and the setup can't get more straightforward. Not to mention, the support is outstanding.

Fully managed hosting. Concierge support that goes above and beyond. Join us today!

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