X Theme Will Not Validate

I am not able to validate my X theme, each time I try it goes to a white screen. Please help

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The website URL you have shared http://www.naiunitedbusinessbrokerage.com/ is using X Theme and Cornerstone, when I checked the licence manager I don’t see the URL added to any of the corresponding X Theme purchase code. Please add the URL in licence manager and then try to validate. For more information, please take a look at following resource:


When I switch the php admin to direct to the correct url it screws up the them so I can’t validate to show the client. if i leave it using my home domain www.giraffixincdesign.com/nai it works and I can validate with one of my licenses.

Hello @athiele,

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I am a bit confused with this statement. Can you please elaborate?

I checked your account and now I can see the URL naiunitedbusinessbrokerage.com in licence manager. Upon visiting the website I see following error message in dev tools Failed to load resource: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.

I can see that you are using Cloudflare. For now, please put Cloudflare in development mode and then try to validate.

In case problem is still there, kindly share website login details in secure note for us to take a closer look at the setup.


I do not have cloudflare installed on this site so I will have to look in and see where I can fix that error, also I do not see the Secure Note to give you the login

I had other sites on my shared hosting account using CloudFlare and I have now removed cloudflare from all other sites and Cornerstone is still not working and I can’t do anything on this site.

Hi @athiele,

I have logged in and checked the site and there are some site resources that are not being loaded correctly:

It seems that some of the domain name in some resources is loading from http://naiunitedbusinessbrokerage.com%20 instead of just http://naiunitedbusinessbrokerage.com.

Please install the Better Search Replace plugin then do the following:

    search for http://naiunitedbusinessbrokerage.com%20 and replace it with https://naiunitedbusinessbrokerage.com

Hope this helps.

I have installed Better Search Replace and followed your instructions however it does not seem to have done anything to fix the issue.

Hello @athiele,

Thanks for updating the thread.

I changed the permalinks structure to the default one and then I tried reload the page and website and X Theme validation page is loading fine. After that I rolled back permalinks to the previous state and now they are working fine. Cornerstone is now automatically installed too so the website is working fine. Please see screenshots.


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