Where is the font manager?

WHERE??? I saw another post but the person just said “never mind” I found it. I wish the support agent would have answered the question anyway so someone searching could find the answer without having to bother you.

I looked at your documentation but it says “To get started, open up your builder and click on the cog icon in the left bar to open up the Settings Modal.” What left bar? When I open up settings, I see something completely different than what you show in the screenshot. It would be helpful if the documentation was more specific.

It seems like the options for setting text are in several different places. I don’t do it often enough to remember it. Or it keeps moving. I’m not sure. :tired_face:

Hi there,

It would be best to keep track of our changelog when you update as we indicate in detail the new changes or features the update have.


Kindly also check our Knowledge Base article about the Font Manager:

If you are not seeing some options for some elements, kindly double check the Advanced Mode setting and set it to on.

Hope this helps.

Thank you but I have read all that and still can’t find it. Where is a page that tells you exactly how to find it? I see the settings modal, which is where your doc says it is. But I can’t find it. I just want the font manager and color manager. I see all the documentation but where is it??? Please give me a screenshot of how to get there. I already know what it looks like. Thank you very much. I’m super frustrated.

Hi There,

Sorry that you’re having this issue, first thing first, please make sure that your X and Cornerstone is updated (6.2.5 / 3.2.5 respectively) to make sure that we provide you the right screenshot. If you need to update, you can follow our update guide provided here.

Access the Font Manager from X > Cornerstone

While editing the page in Cornerstone, you can also access the Font Manager in the Settings > Fonts

Now, if you do not see this panels on your end. On your admin dashboard, navigate to X > Settings > General and make sure the Fonts is enabled (green lights)

Hope it helps,

Super helpful! That’s all I needed. Thank you. :grinning:

You’re welcome!
We’re glad we were able to help you out.

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