Text over image?

I have a section with a two column layout. each column has an image in it. How do I make the custom headline appear over the image when rather than under it? Thanks

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Thank you I have sorted that, I do however want to know how to change the font style e.g Georgia font or so on. Thanks.

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To change the headings font styling, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Typography > Headings and customize them as per your need. For more information please see https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/customizer-typography/134

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Thank you. I also want to know how to make an image fill the whole screen?

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This thread is five months old. Would you please kindly open up a separate thread for each additional question? It will help us to maintain the thread better and serve you as you deserve :slight_smile:

I suggest that you use a one slide Revolution Slider in a full-screen fashion for your case. Here is a good tutorial regarding this:

Thank you.

I shall open new threads for any new questions. I’ll watch the video and if I have any further questions I’ll post in a new thread. Thank you kindly for all your help. Rob

You’re welcome, Rob.