Slow Page Loads related to Header

I am experiencing slow page loads throughout my site.

See here:

and here:

6-7 seconds to load every page pretty much.

WPEngine ran some tests and it looks like it may be related to the header.

Here is whet they said and some screenshots:

"Upon look at other various pages it can be seen that the x_get_ function is taking quite some time to process.

I have also compared /artists/ and /roster/ and these are exhibiting the same trace details for x_get_view

It could be quite beneficial to get a fellow developer or the theme support to help take a look and see what further insight may be had with this x_get_view function."

Please take a look.


Hi @wowflak,

The header and footer builders are contained of complex element systems that may take time to render for sure. Our development team are doing their best to make the process as efficient as possible but depending on the count of the elements and the layout it may differ.

I suggest that you test the case in different pages by adding some sample headers and footers and compare the speed. Also you can stop assigning headers and footers of pages so that the default header and footer will be loaded so that you can compare that.

Finally it is important that you follow the common methods when using the header and footers mentioned below:

Thank you.

I appreciate what you are saying but there seems to be an issue somewhere. I have followed best practices found in this forum and elsewhere. I have Cloudflare but have not enabled the mimify options as suggested that Pro already does this. I have WP Rocket and am excluding the Pro assets from mimify. I use WPEngine as my host. I have image compression happening… and yet the site still takes 6-7 seconds to load. Based on the investigation that WPEngine did it does seem related to the header. Can someone please take a closer look.


Hi @wowflak,

Based on your screenshots, it’s file system related from your host environment.

The x_get_view is a wrapper of X_View_Router which is the extension of both locate_template() and include()

It’s just wrapped by our own function since templates are separated by stacks. It works the same as

There are two possible causes, reading and including from the file system is very slow. Or you have custom functions that are hooked to the filters related to x_get_view which increases the processing time. If you’ll check your screenshot, the one that triggers the hook/filter is the WPDD_layout_cell_text::handle_content_filters and it’s not from the theme or cornerstone. Do you have any 3rd party add-ons integrated to the theme or cornerstone? I recommend checking that too.

Theme and cornerstone’s hooks are callable by outside functions which will of course be part of the execution.


Thank you for the info. I will reach out to the host and also check with Toolset to see if that has anything to do with them.

Thanks @wowflak, feel free to keep us updated.

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