Revolution Slider image not showing on homepage

I have X Theme and have been trying all night to get the Revolution Slider image to show on my homepage, but it seems to be hopeless. It is installed and activated and I can access it for editing but it won’t show on my homepage, all I see is the blank panel where it should be appearing. I’ve been following a youtube tutorial closely as I go so I don’t think I goofed in someway. Please help before I rip my hair out. Thank you!

Hi There,

You could click Edit Page > On WP Classic backend editor you can select your slider above or below the masthead.

Alternatively, you can add Revolution Slider Element via cornerstone or use the shortcode generated by the plugin.

if for some reason that does not work, please provide your URL so we can take a closer look.

Thank you!

I did the classic backend editor like you suggested and that worked, but now I seem to have two sliders. Is there some way that I can get rid of both and start over? I can’t see how. Thank you

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! To start over and remove the slider, please remove first the shortcode that you have added in the classic backend editor. And also in that page, find the Slider Settings: Below Masthead. This is where the slider has been assigned for the page. You can disable it and you are ready to start over.

For more details on how you can insert a slider in the page, please check out this knowledge base article:

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