Release Notes - Pro 3.1, X 7.1, Cornerstone 4.1

This release cycle has several exciting changes and improvements. Most notably, this is the debut of our Grid element (and Grid builder) for Pro users. We’ve also brought Design Cloud to X users (formerly a Pro exclusive feature), and all of our demos into Pro which we now call Sites. Please be sure to start by reading the Changelog.

Status Report

  • 11/29- Pro 3.1.2, X 7.1.2, and Cornerstone 4.1.2 available via automatic updates**(final release of this cycle)**.
  • 11/22 - Pro 3.1.1, X 7.1.1, and Cornerstone 4.1.1 available via automatic updates.
  • 11/21 - Pro 3.1.0, X 7.1.0, and Cornerstone 4.1.0 available via automatic updates.
  • 11/20 - Initial release. Pro 3.1.0, X 7.1.0, and Cornerstone 4.1.0 available via manual updates.

Confirmed Issues

The following issues are specific to this cycle. If listed here we are planning to address it in a subsequent point release. Notations will be added when items are fixed. For a complete list of what’s changed to date with this cycle see the Changelog.

  • Ethos portfolio filter is not working properly. Fixed in second point release.
  • Fix some use cases of Font Awesome icons not appearing . Fixed in first point release.
  • PHP notice is logged during CSS generation code when using PHP 7.4. Fixed in first point release.
  • New rows added while inspecting a section don’t have the global container enabled.. Fixed in first point release.
  • When The Grid plugin is active, a PHP warning appears. . Fixed in first point release.


<strong>What happened to Standard and Expanded demos?</strong>

Our former Expanded Demos are now called Sites and are included as part of Design Cloud. Importing a Site from Design Cloud works just like installing an Expanded Demo previously.

We have retired Standard Demos, although we will taking a select few of those designs and making new Sites from them.

<strong>How do I start using the Grid Element?</strong>

The Grid element is exclusive to Pro users. You can start working with the Grid Element in a number of ways.

  1. You can drag a new Grid into your page from the element library
  2. Under Preferences, you can set “Grid” as the Content Layout Element. This will make it the default child of new Sections
  3. While on the Layout tab, hold cmd/ctrl and click the + icon on a Section. This will let you choose what type of element should be created.
  4. Check out our Grid Element Series on YouTube. This 7-part tutorial will walk you through everything from simple to advanced uses of this exciting new Element!
<strong>After updating, why do I just see a spinning wheel instead of the builder loading?</strong>

Here are two causes we’ve observed. If neither of these suggestions work, feel free to open a support topic and we can assist you further.

  1. WordPress must be at least 5.0 or later. We would recommend fully updating to WordPress 5.2
  2. Purge any caching plugins, particularly anything that would minify javascript.
<strong>Why am I missing text, images, etc. after updating?</strong>

We’ve seen some cases of either Cornerstone or X being updated, but not both. Please make sure you’re using the latest version of X and Cornerstone. This doesn’t apply to Pro users, as all the files are contained in the theme.

<strong>When is the release to automatic updates?</strong>

Our product releases are done in phases. You can download the latest version from your dashboard page. The downloads can be used for manually updating or setting up a new install. Automatic updates will be available some time after the initial release. This process helps us provide better support and catch potential lingering issues that were not uncovered in beta testing. You can find instructions to manually update in this knowledge base article.