Release Notes - Pro 3.0, X 7.0, Cornerstone 4.0

We’re pleased to bring you Pro 3.0.0, X 7.0.0, and Cornerstone 4.0.0. This is a significant update with many new features and fixes. First up, we’ve added several more Elements bringing feature parity to nearly all of the classic elements. We’ve also made the Element API public, which involved refactoring much of the element code to be more accessible. In the builders you’ll notice we’ve revamped both the Layout and Elements panes. Layout is better suited to manage nested content, and Elements now allows dragging presets directly into the page. These are just a few of the many changes we’re bringing, so as always please be sure to start by reading the Changelog.

Status Report

  • 10/2 - Pro 3.0.4, X 7.0.4, and Cornerstone 4.0.4 available via automatic updates.
  • 9/30 - Pro 3.0.3, X 7.0.3, and Cornerstone 4.0.3 available via automatic updates.
  • 9/26 - Pro 3.0.2, X 7.0.2, and Cornerstone 4.0.2 available via automatic updates.
  • 9/24 - Pro 3.0.1, X 7.0.1, and Cornerstone 4.0.1 available via automatic updates.
  • 9/24 - Pro 3.0.0, X 7.0.0, and Cornerstone 4.0.0 available via automatic updates.
  • 9/23 - Initial release. Pro 3.0.0, X 7.0.0, and Cornerstone 4.0.0 available via manual updates.

Confirmed Issues

The following issues are specific to this cycle. If listed here we are planning to address it in a subsequent point release. Notations will be added when items are fixed. For a complete list of what’s changed to date with this cycle see the Changelog.

  • Templates exported after updating to Pro 3.0.0 or Cornerstone 4.0.0 do not include Global Colors. Fixed in first point release.
  • PHP notices showing when Revolution Slider is active. Fixed in first point release.
  • If Adobe Fonts are being used, the builder previews will flicker when text is changed. Fixed in first point release.
  • Parallax backgrounds not working for Classic Sections.. Fixed in second point release.
  • Accordion element is missing Customize control group.. Fixed in second point release.
  • Gravity Forms styles are not being enqueued.. Fixed in second point release.
  • Legacy Shortcode generator does not open.. Fixed in second point release.
  • While using rich text mode of a text control, it doesn’t let you add links with the WordPress link finder.. Fixed in second point release.
  • Quickly inspecting another element after typing in a Rich text control could lead to losing the text of that element.. Fixed in second point release.
  • Classic Section parallax distorted on mobile. Fixed in third point release.
  • Ethos content area BG color not working in Firefox. Fixed in third point release.
  • Countdown element shows NaN instead of numbers in Safari. Fixed in third point release.
  • Conflict with script minification systems like WP Rocket prevents some front end scripts from running. Fixed in third point release.
  • Erase button doesn’t work on classic columns. Fixed in fourth point release.
  • Row element BG is escaping row div.. Fixed in fourth point release.
  • Section parallax not working in IE11 under some cases.. Fixed in fourth point release.


<strong>After updating, why do I just see a spinning wheel instead of the builder loading?</strong>

Here are two causes we’ve observed. If neither of these suggestions work, feel free to open a support topic and we can assist you further.

  1. WordPress must be at least 5.0 or later. We would recommend fully updating to WordPress 5.2
  2. Purge any caching plugins, particularly anything that would minify javascript.
<strong>Why am I missing text, images, etc. after updating?</strong>

We’ve seen some cases of either Cornerstone or X being updated, but not both. Please make sure you’re using the latest version of X and Cornerstone. This doesn’t apply to Pro users, as all the files are contained in the theme.

<strong>What is the difference between Row and Classic Row?</strong>

As part of this release, we’ve added a brand new Row element powered by flexbox. Moving forward we are calling this “Row”. This means your existing designs will show “Classic Row (v2)” which is the first row element powered by the V2 element API. There is also a “Classic Row (V1)” if you’re working with pages created in version 1.0 of Cornerstone. We know - there is potential for confusion here. After evaluating all the different options, we felt this approach struck the right balance of avoiding unnecessary terminology for new users, while also ensuring we don’t introduce breaking changes. For instance, it wouldn’t be possible for us to add the new features (flexbox positioning, drag to resize, etc.) to the old row element without potentially breaking existing sites. This is why we chose a direction that will be better for longterm stability. Watch this video tutorial about the new Row Element.

<strong>How do I upgrade my Rows to the new version?</strong>

This is completely optional - the previous generation row elements will always work as they have. You don’t need to do anything. There isn’t an automatic conversion process, so if you wish to use the new Row element you will need to add it to your page, select the appropriate number of columns, and manually move all the elements over.

<strong>Do I have to use the new row element?</strong>

No, you can continue using the previous row element if desired. Under preferences you change the default Row element for new sections. This gives you the flexibility to use either element as desired.

<strong>With the new Row element, why do I only see 2 columns if I've selected 4?</strong>

When you first add a new Row element, you will be presented with a “Choose a Layout” option in the preview area. This choice is used to determine the initial number of column elements. If you later change the Column Layout while inspecting a row, you are determining the sizes of columns but not creating new ones. You will need to do this above in the Columns sortable by clicking “Add Column”. This is a different paradigm than the previous element, but gives you more control over your layout - especially at different breakpoints.

<strong>Where are the Column Fade options in the new layout elements?</strong>

Presently, the new Column does not have a fade option like the previous generation. If this is required, you may want to continue using the old version which is described in the prior FAQ entries.

We didn’t include it because it would conflict with an upcoming feature we’re investigating that would add transition state controls to all V2 elements. For example, instead of an entire column, you could fade just a button. Or maybe you want to animate in an entire row? This will most likely be a new set of controls under the “Customize” tab of V2 elements.

<strong>How do I use the Element API?</strong>

We have extensive documentation available. Because it is too large for our current KB format, we’ve uploaded it to a temporary location. You can find the articles here: Primer & Reference.

<strong>Why is custom CSS on my button no longer working?</strong>

We’ve made some changes to anchor CSS. One notable difference is that the .x-anchor-content class now has z-index: 2. If you are adjusting z-index in custom CSS, you may need to use a higher value.

<strong>What is the status of the Grid Element?</strong>

We’re almost finished with another very exciting new layout Element, however it wasn’t quite ready for the release. Our development team is continuing to work on it and the beta will stay open so as soon as it’s ready to test we will make the announcement. Once testing is complete, we’ll schedule the release, most likely towards the end of October. To learn more about this exciting new layout Element you can check out this post.

<strong>When is the release to automatic updates?</strong>

Our product releases are done in phases. You can download the latest version from your dashboard page. The downloads can be used for manually updating or setting up a new install. Automatic updates will be available some time after the initial release. This process helps us provide better support and catch potential lingering issues that were not uncovered in beta testing. You can find instructions to manually update in this knowledge base article.