Release Notes - Pro 2.3, X 6.3, Cornerstone 3.3

Our feature request release is live! This post will include all important news, any confirmed issues, and a timeline of events related to this cycle. Please be sure to always start by reading the Changelog.

Status Report

  • 10/24 - X 6.3.8, Pro 2.3.8, and Cornerstone 3.3.8 available via automatic updates (final release of this cycle).
  • 10/24 - X 6.3.7, Pro 2.3.7, and Cornerstone 3.3.7 available via automatic updates.
  • 10/12 - X 6.3.6, Pro 2.3.6, and Cornerstone 3.3.6 available via automatic updates.
  • 10/10 - X 6.3.5, Pro 2.3.5, and Cornerstone 3.3.5 available via automatic updates.
  • 10/9 - X 6.3.4, Pro 2.3.4, and Cornerstone 3.3.4 available via automatic updates.
  • 10/8 - X 6.3.3, Pro 2.3.3, and Cornerstone 3.3.3 available via automatic updates.
  • 10/8 - X 6.3.2, Pro 2.3.2, and Cornerstone 3.3.2 available via automatic updates.
  • 10/5 - X 6.3.1, Pro 2.3.1, and Cornerstone 3.3.1 available via manual updates.
  • 10/4 - Initial release. X 6.3.0, Pro 2.3.0, and Cornerstone 3.3.0 available via manual updates.

Confirmed Issues

The following issues are specific to this cycle. If listed here we are planning to address it in a subsequent point release. Notations will be added when items are fixed. For a complete list of what’s changed to date with this cycle see the Changelog.

  • Typekit Fonts are no longer loading due to recent changes in their API. Fixed in seventh point release.
  • Classic Section background images don’t appear if you don’t have margin, padding, and a border width set. Fixed in sixth point release.
  • Classic Sections don’t preview the correct background (or section separator) color if you’ve selected one of the global color options. Fixed in sixth point release.
  • Scroll Top Anchor not working when enabled above the masthead. Fixed in sixth point release.
  • Builder preview doesn’t load when “Give Donations” plugin is active. Fixed in sixth point release.
  • When trying to use a builder, the preview always shows the pulsing logo. We’ve identified a conflict with the Apache Pagespeed module which likely extends to anything that rewrites javascript on the fly. Fixed in sixth point release.
  • We’ve seen cases of shortcodes from plugins like Essential Grid and Contact Form 7 causing the builder preview to not load. Corrected in point release five. As with previous versions, Essential Grid won’t output, but it will not crash the builder.
  • Some sites are experiencing an issue where the preview doesn’t show any sections, or This has been confirmed to be caused by performance optimization plugins. Point release four introduced some adjustments to help alleviate this issue.
  • When a preset is applied to an element it does not update the live preview or inspector controls. Fixed in third point release.
  • Raw content elements show x_raw_content shortcode on front end (introduced by second point release). Fixed in third point release.
  • Some classic elements output an “Invalid Template Markup” error message instead of showing the preview. Fixed in second point release.
  • Content Builder preview doesn’t render Classic Section if they contain an unknown element (e.g. from a deactivated or deleted plugin). Fixed in second point release.
  • TrueType fonts not loading when using Custom Fonts. Fixed in first point release.


<strong>When is the release to automatic updates?</strong>

Our product releases are done in phases. You can download the latest version from your dashboard page. The downloads can be used for manually updating or setting up a new install. Automatic updates will be available some time after the initial release. This process helps us provide better support and catch potential lingering issues that were not uncovered in beta testing. You can find instructions to manually update in this knowledge base article.

<strong>Why is my builder preview not working?</strong>

The most common cause is that your browser is serving a cached version of our javascript from before the update. First try clearing your cache or test with incognito/private browsing.

The entire preview system was rewritten this cycle using React and Redux, as we switched all our state management to Redux to implement “Action History”. We were able to test a wide range of environments in beta testing but we’re still seeing a few conflicts with performance optimization plugins and systems. There is also a risk that the preview won’t display if you have customizations (especially custom scripts).

Some of this cycles point releases introduces changes to help alleviate these issues. If you’re still having trouble after updating to the latest version, please open a new topic describing what you’re experiencing and we will assist you.

<strong>How do I switch to the new dark mode?</strong>

After launching Pro or Cornerstone, click the cog icon in the bar to open the settings modal. Under the User Preferences tab you will have an option to change themes.

<strong>What's the deal with Gutenburg?</strong>

This release is fully compatible with the latest version of Gutenburg. After updating, you will be ready for the WordPress 5.0 release. For more information take a look at our Gutenburg FAQ:

<strong>Why do my Visual Composer rows and columns look broken after this update?</strong>

Go to WPBakery Page Builder Settings > General and make sure “Legacy X Integration” is enabled. A common request we get is to not overwrite parts of the WPBakery Page Builder. We are committed to keep supporting sites from the early days of X where Visual Composer was our page builder but we’ve consolidated all that integration code under one setting. It used to be enabled by default, but you will now need to opt-in to using it.

<strong>What happened to my WooCommerce translation?</strong>

The text domain in our WooCommerce integration templates has been changed from __x__ to woocommerce at the recommendation of the WooCommerce team. This means if you translated the strings in X they may no longer appear translated. This is unlikely to happen as you’ve most already enabled a translation on the WC text domain.

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