Release Notes - Pro 2.2, X 6.2, Cornerstone 3.2

It’s release time! This post will include all important news, any confirmed issues, and a timeline of events related to this cycle. Please be sure to always start by reading the Changelog.

Status Report

  • 7/24 - X 6.2.5, Pro 2.2.5, and Cornerstone 3.2.5 available via automatic updates (final release of this cycle).
  • 7/20 - X 6.2.4, Pro 2.2.4, and Cornerstone 3.2.4 available via automatic updates.
  • 7/19 - X 6.2.3, Pro 2.2.3, and Cornerstone 3.2.3 available via automatic updates.
  • 7/17 - X 6.2.2, Pro 2.2.2, and Cornerstone 3.2.2 available via automatic updates.
  • 7/16 - X 6.2.1, Pro 2.2.1, and Cornerstone 3.2.1 available via automatic updates.
  • 7/12 - Initial release. X 6.2.0, Pro 2.2.0, and Cornerstone 3.2.0 available via manual updates.

Confirmed Issues

The following issues are specific to this cycle. If listed here we are planning to address it in a subsequent point release. Notations will be added when items are fixed. For a complete list of what’s changed to date with this cycle see the Changelog.

  • Sometimes Inline Editing an Accordion Header won’t truly update the underlying value. Fixed in fifth point release.
  • Video Element does not preview in builders. Fixed in fifth point release.
  • RSS Widget entry icons missing.. Fixed in fourth point release.
  • Builder preview doesn’t load if you have “Disable Rich Text” enabled on your user profile. Fixed in third point release.
  • BuddyPress/bbPress nav icons missing. Fixed in third point release.
  • YouTube social icon and standard post format icon appearing as an empty box. Fixed in second point release.
  • Fatal PHP error when using older PHP versions. Fixed in second point release.
  • Content Builder using horizontal drag/drop when display:flex is set with custom CSS. Fixed in first point release.


<strong>When will the release be available to automatic updates?</strong>

Product releases are done in phases starting with manual updates, and you can download the latest version from your dashboard page. The downloads can be used for manually updating a licensed site. This process helps us provide better support and catch potential lingering issues that were not uncovered in beta testing. We will update the Status Report section above when subsequent point releases are made including the release to automatic updates.

<strong>Why do my icons look bolder after this update?</strong>

FontAwesome has been updated to version 5. They redesigned every icon and the overall style has thicker lines now.

<strong>Where are the different weights/styles for Font Awesome v5?</strong>

In this current cycle, we updated to v5 of Font Awesome. There is a Pro set of icons we’ll be adding in our next release cycle that includes additional weights/styles for most Font Awesome icons.

[details=Why are some of my icons are appearing as an empty square?]

Try clearing any caching plugins you have active or the cache provided by your host. We updated FontAwesome with this release. Version 5 required changes to the markup, CSS, and the file location changed. Your site is probably serving the old markup which has references to the previous font location.

I’ve cleared my cache but it’s still happening. What do I do next? This could happen if your site has icon markup that you added directly rather than using our icon shortcode. As of Font Awesome version 5 they split icons into multiple fonts. This can be fixed by changing instances of the data-x-icon attribute to one of the following:

  • data-x-icon-b for social icons.
  • data-x-icon-o for outline icons.
  • data-x-icon-s for solid icons.

The original attribute data-x-icon will still work for solid icons as a fallback but we’ve updated everything for consistency.

<strong>Why can't I use my Color Manager colors when inline editing?</strong>

We don’t have a way to support Global Colors to the degree that if you changed the color later it would retroactively update. It would be possible to use the Huebert color picker without access to the Global Colors but we felt this would be less useful than leaving inline editing with the TinyMCE color palette like it’s rich text editing counterpart.

<strong>Why don't certain formatting buttons work when inline editing? And why doesn't setting "bold" update the controls in the Inspector?</strong>

Inline editing offers an additional set of formatting controls. This allows you to select individual words of your text and apply formatting. This isn’t connected to the element’s base controls. If you’ve set bold text on the entire element that style will take precedence.

<strong>Why did my save button just turn blue?</strong>

The save button will now turn blue as a subtle indication that you have unsaved changes. The app has always reminded you to save before trying to leave but this offers a bit of reinforcement so you don’t need to be interrupted by that notification.