Release Notes - Pro 2.1, X 6.1, Cornerstone 3.1

At the start of every update cycle, we will be listing a “Release Notes” post that will include important news, any confirmed issues, and a timeline of events related to the update. Please be sure to always start by reading the Changelog.

Status Report

  • 6/12 - X 6.1.6, Pro 2.1.6, and Cornerstone 3.1.6 will be the final point releases for this cycle. We will continue to monitor for issues, but our development focus has shifted to the next cycle.
  • 6/11 - X 6.1.6, Pro 2.1.6, and Cornerstone 3.1.6 now available on automatic updates.
  • 6/5 - X 6.1.5, Pro 2.1.5, and Cornerstone 3.1.5 now available on automatic updates.
  • 6/4 - X 6.1.4, Pro 2.1.4, and Cornerstone 3.1.4 now available on automatic updates.
  • 6/1 - X 6.1.3, Pro 2.1.3, and Cornerstone 3.1.3 now available on automatic updates.
  • 5/31 - X 6.1.2, Pro 2.1.2, and Cornerstone 3.1.2 now available on automatic updates.
  • 5/31 - X 6.1.1, Pro 2.1.1, and Cornerstone 3.1.1 now available on automatic updates.
  • 5/30 - X 6.1.1, Pro 2.1.1, and Cornerstone 3.1.1 available via manual updates.
  • 5/29 - Initial release. X 6.1.0, Pro 2.1.0, and Cornerstone 3.1.0 available via manual updates.


<strong>Why am I missing controls (e.g. section background) when inspecting elements in the builder?</strong>

If you click the settings icon in the bar you can turn on “Advanced Mode” from User Preferences. When Advanced Mode is on you will get all the controls. When it’s off you’ll get a more simple collection of controls.

<strong>What happened to the Font and Color managers?</strong>

You’ll notice after updating that the Font and Color managers are no longer accessible via their own dedicated URLs and interface. This is because they are part of the new global settings modal. Click the single cog icon in the bar and you’ll be able to find their new locations. The advantage here is that you no longer need to leave the builder you’re working in to change color and font settings.

<strong>What does this release mean for GDPR compliance?</strong>

This release is fully compatible with the changes introduced by WordPress 4.9.6. We’ve tested and can confirm this update is compatible with WooCommerce 3.4. For more detailed information, see the changelog.

<strong>Why does my Validation or Settings page look broken after updating X?</strong>

Make sure you are also running the latest version of Cornerstone. The fastest way to do this would be to delete Cornerstone from the plugins page. When you visit the X Validation page it will automatically reinstall at the latest version for you.

<strong>Why can I no longer use the Content Builder for editing Posts (or other post types) ?</strong>

We removed the old “Additional Post Types” settings when we built out the new Permissions Manager. You can enable any post types there and customize granular permissions as desired. To learn more about this, take a look at the KB article:

<strong>Why is my One Page Navigation / animated scrolling no longer working?</strong>

There were several under the hood changes to One Page Navigation to improve how it works on different devices and to avoid conflicts with other plugins. We’ve seen many users have over time added custom javascript to the site to alter the standard behavior. Many of these code snippets were recommended by our support team. If you’re having issues, we’d advise removing any custom javascript you have to see if that makes a difference before opening a support topic.