Release Notes - Pro 2.0, X 6.0, Cornerstone 3.0

At the start of every update cycle, we will be listing a "Release Notes" post that will include important news, any confirmed issues, and a timeline of events related to the update. Please be sure to always start by reading the Changelog.

Status Report

  • 2/28 - Initial release of X 6.0, Pro 2.0, and Cornerstone 3.0 to manual updates.
  • 3/1 - Release X 6.0.1, Pro 2.0.1, and Cornerstone 3.0.1 via manual updates. The following issues have been addressed.
    • Fixed TypeKit configuration can't be refreshed.
    • Fix inability to add or remove weights in Font Manager if no weights were previously selected.
    • Fix nav_menu_item_title filter not being applied to link titles in navigation element.
    • Fix conflict when a third party plugin uses jQuery UI on the front end.
  • 3/6 - Release X 6.0.2, Pro 2.0.2, and Cornerstone 3.0.2 via automatic updates. This release addresses the following issues.
    • Added integration with Offload S3 plugin to solve 404 issues.
    • Fixed TypeKit fonts not loading on the front end or may load in the footer causing FOUT.
    • Fixed Tooltips & popovers for classic elements not being removed from the DOM properly after fade out.
    • Fixed Inline Navigation elements in a Pro Footer not respecting hide classes.
    • Fixed A Classic Block Grid element item containing custom HTML will break the preview window.
    • Fixed Marginless columns on a row affecting Global Blocks inside that row.
  • 3/8 - Release X 6.0.3, Pro 2.0.3, and Cornerstone 3.0.3 via automatic updates. This release addresses the following issues.
    • Fix ACF Integration not working with V2 elements or Global Blocks.
    • Fix Theme Options toolbar link appears for non admin users. This would lead to an unauthorized page as they do not have access.
    • Fix inability to assign a default preset to layout elements.
    • Fix jQuery.backstretch error if scripts are minified.
    • Fix issue where a "no closing tag" error appears when one is present.
  • 3/8 - Release X 6.0.4, Pro 2.0.4, and Cornerstone 3.0.4 via automatic updates. This release addresses a single regression caused by the *.0.3 updates. When using Firefox the builder preview windows don't load.
  • 3/12 - X 6.0.4, Pro 2.0.4, and Cornerstone 3.0.4 are now considered our stable releases for this cycle. We will continue to monitor for issues, but our development focus has shifted to the next cycle.

Confirmed Issues

The following issues are specific to this cycle. If listed here, we are planning to address it in a subsequent point release.

(None at this time).


Q: When is the release to automatic updates?

A: Our product releases are done in phases. You can download the latest version from your dashboard page. The downloads can be used for manually updating or setting up a new install. Automatic updates will be available some time after the initial release. This process helps us provide better support and catch potential lingering issues that were not uncovered in beta testing. The first release to automatic updates will be on March 6, 2018 with any subsequent releases for this cycle listed above if and as needed.

Q: Why can't I update my preset and have it automatically change every place where that preset is being used?

A: While this may seem like a good idea on the surface, things get more complicated when you start to untangle it. First off, it's important to know that Presets are a snapshot in time. Why? Because the purpose of a Preset is to save a particular configuration just as it is, not a design tool that you can constantly tweak (we have a solution for that in a minute, but that is not what a Preset is). The reason it is this way is that Presets represent how both styling AND content look at a fixed point in time. If you were to update that Preset in the future, you would have to remember every possible place you had used it and potentially adjust it or content around it based on what you had changed. Instead, if it is something like colors you wish to easily change in all locations, you can use the Color Manager as that is why it was created. Alternatively you can use a Global Block if the content is the same and you wish have one place to update that automatically goes live to every instance. Finally, dependent on the application a custom class would also do the trick.

Q: Why don't templates include my actual menu items?

A: Menu elements can be assigned a menu or be set to one of the included samples. We don't export the menu itself because those menu items are generally references to other pages. The point of the template manager isn't to make an entire site and it's content portable, but rather to let you make your designs portable. When you use a template that includes a menu on a new site you will need to inspect it and tell it which menu to use.

Q: I noticed the form on a Design Cloud template is not a working optin form. Why?

A: The purpose of Design Cloud is to provide designs using native Pro features. As every email marketing company has varying ways of integrating with their software, we can't account for this in a design template however form designs still serve two main purposes: 1) You can use the design to customize the form from your email marketing provider of choice to look like you see in the template then place it in a Raw Content Element to be a live form on your site. 2) As the Element library grows with company specific Elements, there will be more options to make end-to-end connections between design and functionality.

Q: Why don't I see a preview of Revolution Slider when added as an Element?

A: Please review this post.

Q: Why do I see less Templates in the Content Builder than in the Template Manager?

A: When you're in the Template Manager, click the "Content" filter at the top of your screen. This will show you all the Content Templates available. It will also include any Templates you already saved using previous versions of the tool. Templates are separated by type but can all be viewed together in the Template Manager.

Q: My site looks broken after the update. What should I do?

A: This release involves several HTML/CSS changes for V2 elements. There are no breaking changes, but the nature of what's changed increases the risk of caching related display issues. If your front end looks broken after updating we have an article detailing some troubleshooting steps.

Q: Why is my custom CSS is no longer applying on .hm, .fm, .el selectors?

A: Those generated classes are managed by our dynamic styling system and can change anytime you save what you're working on. Here are two ways you can safely target elements directly, both are on the "Customize" tab when inspecting an element 1. Use the "Class" input to add a custom class you can target with your own CSS. 2. Use the "Element CSS" code editor to add CSS directly to an element with access to it's dynamically generated ID.