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Hello there, I already bought two license, is there the chance to receive a discount on purchasing a third license, and furthermore and more important will it work on such address : http://sjo-hokar.ddns.net/sjo-hokar/ ?
Besides checking my license situation I realize that I have a staging and production items that could help me on solve my problem.
What I am trying to achieve here is moving the site sjo-hokar.it from the actual server on a different server that have the address http://sjo-hokar.ddns.net/sjo-hokar/ therefore I would like to maintain until may 2019 the actual situation and in the meantime prepare the copy of my site on the new server. Will the production and staging allow me to do that without buying a new license ?
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Hello @194roc,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I see that you have purchased X and Pro Theme both. Please note that X Theme is sold via Themeforest and we fall under there pricing guidelines. However, I do see that you have Pro Theme. For Pro Theme we have offers running on bulk purchase. For more information, please take a look at following page:

Coming to the second question. Yes, the validation should work fine using the URL you have shared. You can use the staging to validate the website URL till the time website is in development process. Once the website development is over, you can move the website to production environment from staging. For more information on validation, please take a look at following article.


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