Pro headers on mobile devices

When viewing my Pro Header menu on a tablet or iPhone, the menu is screwing up, and the mobile dropdown menu is showing the sample menu.

i came across a KB article earlier today which showed how to set this up properly, but I cannot now find it. Could you point me in the right direction please?

Hello @Aph100,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Please make sure that under Setup > Assign Menu you have selected the correct navigation item.

Here is the header builder getting started guide that you can refer.


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Hi thanks for your help Yes the correct menu is selected and shows up on a laptop and desktop. However when i view on a mobile device, the menu is all scrambled and if I click on the oval button on the right ( which is where I would expect a mobile menu to be) I am getting the sample menu displayed. I am sure that it is something that i have no set, just not sure of what :slight_smile: is the url

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Hi there,

The Pro Header does not have the feature to auto change the menu to the mobile mode by default. So the menu that you added as the Inline Navigation should get hidden on mobile devices and another element which is already there DropDown Navigation should show only on mobile and you need to set the correct menu for that specific element.

You can test that by shrinking your browser window.

I suggest that you read this article on how to show/hide elements:

Also, I suggest that you check videos on how to use the Pro Header Builder and tips and tricks for the elements:

I also suggest that you bookmark the page below as it has a good listing of the articles that might come handy during the development phase:

Thank you.

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