Preview X theme doesn't work with latest update, cornerstone not working properly

Hi there!

The preview of X-theme doesn’t work and also having issues with the top carrousel (cornerstone). Some tips were given in the changelog, but none of them apply. I deactivated all my plugins - nothing wrong with them. URL is correct. (this is the error which is given, but url’s are exactly the same) :(( mehh. Got any advice? Other things it might cause?

If you need to have a look, my site is

Best regards!

Hey @Stichting_Sterk,

I see a JS error coming from a third party plugin that might be the cause of the issue.

Please also do the suggested solutions in Troubleshooting - Builder Preview Warnings

If nothing helps, please deactivate all third party plugins while this issue is not solved so they won’t get in the way while we’re investigating. Also provide WP admin access in a Secure Note.


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