Note about Theme Options and the Customizer

We wanted to draw your attention to the fact that Theme Options is the new place to manage all global options in X and Pro. Formerly this was done in the Customizer, however as of almost a year ago, we introduced a dedicated Theme Options panel. Over the past year, you have been able to use both interchangeably, however two official updates from now the Customizer will revert back to its stock, out of the box WordPress state.

There will continue to be a link to Theme Options from the Customizer (pictured here), however we wanted to give you a heads up. You are not losing any controls or customization options. Actually, you are gaining some as there are things we can do in Theme Options that we couldn't do in the Customizer.

The picture here will be what you see in the Customizer as of our next official release (X 6 / Pro 2) and with the updated menu styling this will make navigating around both global and on page editing much more streamlined.