No option to update

I’m running a licenced version of Pro at this address…

When I go to ‘appearance’ > ‘themes’ it reports that I’m using ‘Pro Version: 1.1.1 By Themeco’ but there is no option to update to the latest version. Why am I not seeing the option to update?

Hello @redleaf,

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Please make sure that Pro theme has been validated. Please go to Pro > Validation. Once it is validated, you can simply go to Dashboard > Updates and run the updates.

To know more about theme validation, please check this out:

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

I don’t see an option to validate?

Hi @redleaf,

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It could be a role/capability related issues on your current logged in account. I recommend logging in with the admin login account and test it again. It’s usually the case, and please provide the login credentials so we could test as well.


I was logged in as administrator. I added a secure note with a username/password so you can log in and take a look.

Hi @redleaf,

I was able to login to your site and it seems that you already have the site installation validated. Since you are still not getting the updates, please try to Revoke your site’s validation then revalidate the site again. Here are the steps in Revoking a licenses:

If you are not seeing the revoke validation option on the top of the page, try scrolling to the most bottom part of the page.

Once validated again, try going to the Wordpress admin’s updates dashboard and click on Check Again.

Hope this helps.

I’ve done as you said but I still see Pro Version: 1.1.1 with no option to update. Please can you advise…

Don’t worrry - I fixed this by manually downloading/uploading. So feel free to close this ticket.

Glad you’ve sorted it out :slight_smile:

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