Need images displayed like Ethos 1

I am using the Agency demo, but would like to have images displayed above the navigation like the top row of images in Ethos 1. On my website, I currently have a logo above the navigation, but would like images there instead. How do I accomplish this?

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Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! What you want is possible. Simply enable the post carousel in X > Theme Options > Ethos > Post Carousel as shown here:

For more details about ethos stack, please check this out:

Please let us know how it goes.

Thank you. That works beautifully. In the carousel, is there a way I can feature images of products and link to the pages for those product swithout doing a post?

Hi @eutaw,

That’s not currently possible as it only works and integrated to posts. Still doable but will require customization which we can’t provide in the forum.


OK, so I will accomplish what I want with Posts. I have edited six posts and replaced images in them. For these Posts, I checked ‘Post Carousel Display’. For all other Posts, I unchecked ‘Post Carousel Display’. However, only four of my images are showing in the carousel. Hello World and the image of the brief case are shown. How do I eliminate Hello World and the image of the brief case and include all six of my images?

The Posts where I replaced images are in the attachment, with red check marks.

Hi @eutaw,

Your carousel items are configured for most comment, it’s not based on featured post. If you wish to display the featured post, then go to Theme Options > Ethos > POST CAROUSEL > Display and set it to Featured instead of Most Commented.

You may also change the POST CAROUSEL – SCREEN DISPLAY item count from 5 to 6 in case you wish to display all 6 items in one row instead of 5 each scroll.


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