Mobile menu & Social footer : how to deactivate this one please?

Hello, and thanks for your help !

Website :

Footer :
How can I deactivate the social footer at the bottom ? On mobile it takes too much screen space.

Mobile topbar menu :
On mobile, the top menu stays, and the mobile button is squeezed. How can I :
- deactivate the main menu on mobile view,
- unsqueeze the mobile menu button,
- and change the menu associated with that button.

Many thanks for your help !

Hi There,

There's no social icons when I check the footer:

For the Topbar Menu, you may also choose to use Pro Header bullt using the builder. Using the builder will give you options to display which type of menu per screen size. We can choose Navbar inline for desktop then hide this on mobile, then another element Navigation Dropdown for mobile view. With the builder, we have the option to customize each element the way we want it.

Feel free to visit our Knowledge Base under Pro for more information and guidance.

Hope this helps.

Hello Lely ! Thanks a lot for your response. I always appreciate the patience, kindness and professionalism of your team !

It's the header function of Pro I've been having trouble with, I decided to come back to the X Theme simplicity of the headers. Cheers !

You're welcome and thanks for letting us know.

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