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Hi there,
We’re working in a Wordpress project under a temporary draft domaine.
So I need to know what to do about the registered license of the X theme… I mean: should we cancel the license of the temporary domaine first or after the migration ???

Thanks in advance !

Hi There @joserodrigz

Thanks for writing in! Each X/Pro license allows you to assign 2 URLs which you can use one as your staging/testing site and the other one as your live site. You can simply head over to your Themeco License page and assign your site URLs accordingly.

If you still have any issues, please refer to our product validation guide here.


Thanks, but I have a problem… I purchased a license (2015) and I have purchased another one (2018), but I only can see 1 license (1 production + 1 staging), and not 2 licenses (2 production + 2 staging)… why ???

Thanks in advance…

Hi, joserodrigz,

The new license is for the Pro theme which you directly purchased from themeco. But the license which you purchased in 2015 is most probably purchased n Themeforest.

You need to go to your ThemeForest account and copy the license per the instructions here, then you need to go to your Themeco licenses page and click on Register License button:

And paste the code you copied from Themefores:

Then you will have the licenses added to the Themeco. Then you can validate your installation reading the guide my colleague already gave.

Thank you.

Ok let me double check…
Thanks !

Please let us know how it goes.

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