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hanks so much for all your help so far. I love this theme, but there is a bit of a learning curve to it.

Right now the issue I’m having is that when you make this window smaller, the menu should be the same as it was originally:

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Instead, it is a white background and is:

I’m confused… where do I change that?

Also, how do I change the background of the circle thing so it stays black, but the hamburger part turns white, just like the menu does on the home page?


You can change all of it under PRO > Launch > Header.

Kindly review the link below.


I don’t think I made myself clear: I know how to change the menus in the builder.

The issue is that I have set the correct menu in the header builder, but when the screen size changes, the menu changes.

This is the correct header menu:

This is the correct menu in the header builder, and you can see it displayed in the preview window correctly:

However… (Cont.)

…However, when the window is made smaller and the menu button clicked, it’s the wrong menu:

You can set different menus for different sizes, by hiding/showing depending on the screen size.
My guess is that you didn’t touch the navigation on tablet and mobile sizes, and by default is showing the default menu, instead the one that you wanted.

I’ve attached some screen shots. As you can see there is one one Bar that has my navigation Inline (that’s for screen sizes up to tablet (hidden on mobile view). And then i have the bar that is hidden on all sizes apart from the mobile, which has the navigation in modal pop up.


I suggest you watch that video about Header and Footer builder introduction to get a better grasp.


Thanks for your detailed input.

@quantazelle please take a look on the suggestions, if that does not help please provide your login information so we can take a closer look.

Thank you

Thanks, but I can’t read those screenshots…

OK, well I see where it hides the first menu, but I can’t find “inline navigation” menu that pops up when hitting the hamburger button.

I found the menu part, and tried to change the background color, but there is now only a black border:

If you started with the Default header, then you will have 1 bar, 2 containers. Choose the second container, and scroll all the way down to the navigation collapsed, that’s your menu for the mobile view.

Hi There,

You have all the aspects and elements to be edited inside the header element

You have to go to Top Links in order to edit the white background and the color of the toplinks of your nivagation collapse.

Hope it helps

I did this: [quote=“beornbjorn, post:9, topic:1127”]
Choose the second container,

but when I do this: [quote] and scroll all the way down to the navigation collapsed[/quote], I don’t see the menu for the mobile view

Hi again,

You scrolled the website to the end, but you had to scroll down the Elements section of your second container and there you’ll find ‘Navigation Collapsed’ (see screenshot) I went ahead and changed the background color and text color for you to get started.


Wow, that’s REALLY hard to figure out… maybe make the scroll bars more obvious? Yikes. Thanks, though.

Glad we could help.


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