M.E. Calendar Activation Code and existing page messed up

Hello X Team,

About 1 week ago I installed M.E. Calendar. On the settings page I get a warning that my Purchase Code is Unverified?
I thought the pluginis free with my X purchase?

I already had my own Events page. While playing with the plugin I accidentally choose to have te Events List Page on my existing Events page. I only saved my event as a concept. It was never published.
M.E. Calendar had overwritten my existing Events page. I did a few backup restores but can’t get my own Events page back?

Please advise, thank you.


  1. Yes, the plugin is free and we provide the updates for the plugin. Please ignore the warning or simply dismiss the notice, there is no need to register it even if you happen to have a license. This is to prevent any potential conflicts when updating.
  1. Please note that /events it the default Main url of MEC Calendar so if you happen to have an events page Mec will override it.

You can change the main url under MEC Settings.


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