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Okay, I am getting used to how Cornerstone works. I can see its power. As my first customization exercise, I would like to learn how to modify the style of the primary navigation menu. Right now that is so small and light, with no background that it isn’t readable on most pages. Where should I start? Thanks. I’m a bit overwhelmed with how different all these is from previous WP themes I’ve used.

Some concerns
If I’m going to be making overrides to things like this I’d like to take advantage of Child themes. Good idea? I see that I can download a starter(?) one. I assume that gets uploaded into my Themes directory. So, am I supposed to edit that for CSS things like this? Or, should I try and squish all my CSS into the CSS panels in the WP customization views? How would others do this?


Hi Rich,

Thank you for writing in, the configurations of the standard X menu are under Theme Options > Header there you’ll see the Navbar Font, Navbar Font Size, color options, etc.

The navbar backgrounds options are under Theme Options > Renew

Yes, having a child theme is always a good idea. You might not need it for now since you’re only doing a CSS edits, but as your site is getting bigger most likely you’re going to add widget or something that will require a child theme.

How To Setup Child Themes

Not on themes directory but on your site database since those are page/post content/data, the images will go to the upload folder though.

You can put all your custom CSS in the Theme Options > CSS area.

Hope this shed some lights,

Great. Thank you!

Hey Richard,

It seems that you have deleted your previous post. Kindly let us know in case you have any question.

Thank you.

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