I have the same issue

…an d tried a lot of stuff here…could not be so complicated…


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If you want to bring your button down, you can add a gap element above it.

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Hi, it’s more elegante to have both columns in an equal height. With a static block it will not work if the window is narrower than now…

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Please provide your URL.

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Ok, see here:

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Thank you for the credentials. For columns equal height, please check the following guide:

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Hello Lely,
thank you for your anwer. I tried this code before with no result. Still the same…

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Remove the minimum height set on each text element. It will then give you equal height for columns but the button is still not aligned at the bottom. To achieve that we can use custom CSS. We will position it on the bottom of the column. First add, position: relative; on each column style field. Then on each button style field add position: absolute; bottom: 0; Result will be something like this:

To understand CSS positioning better, please check this:https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_positioning.asp

Hope this helps.