How to add shortcodes to text box on PRO

to give you an example: is my test page- scroll down under the video and buttons to the text box- I’d like to include shortcodes within this text box but there is no shortcode generator button in the editor

I’d like to add testimonials, or a link to open slide in content but I have no idea where to get the shortcode or how to add it

Hi there,

By Textbox, do you mean the Text Element using the Pro Builder? If so, you can simply place the shortcode in the text element’s Text field in code mode:

In case you mean a different thing. kindly provide more details so that we could provide some more suggestions.

Hope this helps.

thats what I mean but where do I get the shortcode from on the cornerstone for example when using x there was a button to generate the shortcode- on Pro however there is no button

where do I go to get the shortcodes? do I have to go to your demo site and pull shortcodes from your example page and paste them into my site? thats not very user friendly

and if I do have to go to your site please provide the link because I can’t find it

Hi there,

There is no shortcode generator anymore and you need to check the shortcodes in the demo page. All the shortcodes are listed in the Shortcode section of our Knowledgebase which you can use to access to proper Demo page with the information. Click here to access our Knowledgebase.

Having said that, I suggest that you use the Global Blocks for that matter. Global Block is a way to use the builder to add additional elements and then it creates a shortcode which you can use wherever you want. Please click here to know more about the feature.

Thank you.

OK so where is a page which has the shortcodes on it for each element- this is ridiculous

has no shortcodes to copy (this is a serious design flaw) is it that hard to add a button to the editor to add your own themes shortcodes? please don’t try to explain it away like feedback said they didn’t want a button to generate a shortcode on the editor because thats ridiculous

Please see video below- content blocks is not an answer its not a solution

can I elevate this to someone who knows what they are talking about please- you have provided no help at all

this video has swear words in it- notably the “F” word

found the page
ridiculous that there is no option, no shortcode generator to add these that is a serious design flaw

Hey there,

The Shortcode Generator is disabled out of the box. You can enable it in Pro > Settings

Just note that it will not working in the builder. It will only be available for the default Visual or Text editors in WordPress as it was originally designed for it.

Almost all shortcode has an element equivalent and some has a V2 equivalent which is better so I’d recommend that you use them instead. There’s no plan to add the Legacy Shortcode Generator to the builder.

Lastly, I understand your frustrated. But, it is not a reason to swear. Please read or review our Community Guidelines.

Thank you for understanding.

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