Getting rid of navigation on classic slider

On the classic slider on the page how can I get rid of the navigation?

Also can the slider be made bigger? if so, how?

also how do you get rid of the preview pane below the slider?

Hi @spencey,

To do that, you can just disable the Prev/Next Navigation option:

The size of the slider depends on the width and height of the image that you put in the slides. The slider will automatically fill the entire width of its container and the height of the image will adjust accordingly as well. You may try using 1:1 dimension images or enable the no container option to add more space to the slider.

Would you mind clarifying what preview pane you are referring to? Is it the white space around the slider? If so, enabling the No Container option should work.

Hope this helps.

i’m referring to the to the slider that appears right below the main slider. I need to turn that off.

Hey @spencey,

By turning off the slider below the main slider, do you mean to remove it from the page? If so, inspect the Classic Slider and click on the Delete button.

If you’re new to using Cornerstone, I’d recommend that you check out the Cornerstone tutorials in our Knowledge Base:


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