Dropdown menu from Main Logo on Hover


I would like to have part of my menu be a dropdown on hover from the main logo.

Like how the Wordpress toolbar has a dropdown menu when you hover over your Website name. (see secure note)

I found this tutorial on how to make a hover dropdown menu with html but I don’t know how or where to apply that to my header.

Would Pro accomplish this? (follow-up question in secure note)


Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully, this particular customization request is outside the scope of our support as this is not related to an issue with the theme and instead has to do with your customization of it. Please keep in mind that our support only covers Given the tutorial, you may follow the suggestions and if you are not comfortable doing this or in anyway is not familiar with coding, you may wish to consult a developer to assist you with this. X is quite extensible with child themes, so there are plenty of possibilities.

If you have any further questions about the theme, we are more than happy to provide you with assistance on these inquiries.

Thank you for your understanding.


But can I use my free Pro upgrade for another license?

Hello There,

You can always use the Pro upgrade for another license. If the license has been assigned already, you can revoke and re assign it to another domain name instead.

Hope this help.

Ok, so I’ve properly converted my domain to Pro.

But, I can’t find any documentation/guide on Pro in the Knowledge base or in any threads. (I just did a search through themeco). I’m figuring it out slowly but it would save me a whole lot of time and grief if there was something to reference.

I am watching the Pro demo video on slow speed to get started but that’s all I have to go by. Is there anything else?

Thank you.

Hello There,

All the Pro theme related knowledge articles can be found here:

Hope this helps.