Delete license, transfer to client


typically I purchase themes for my clients, then maintain the licenses in my account. I have a client that would like to create her own account so she has access to support. Can you help me transfer a license?

Thank you!

Hi @AndyDaupert,

Thank for writing in.

No worries.

Let us know which license you would like to transfer in a secure note (click the little key icon beneath your post).

Our License or Account manager will remove it from your account so that your client can create a new account and register with it.


Hey Andy,

Thanks for adding in the license. I’ve gone ahead and removed it from your account now, so your client can create an account using it.

Thanks for building with X and Pro!

Hi, I just heard from my client they were having a problem creating an account. When they enter the code to validate, they are getting a blank white screen.

Any help?

Hi @AndyDaupert,

May I know your client’s new username in a secure note?

Or the account is created but it only displays a blank page during validation on their site? If yes, please provide their site’s URL and login credentials in a secure note?


HI I need to release a client’s code from my account as well. Who do I need to write to please to make that happen? Thanks!

She said she was unable to create a username, and that when trying to validate, that is when she got the blank page.

Hi Heather,

I removed the secure note that you have added to the thread as you are not the original poster of this thread and the Secure Note is visible to the original poster.

Please open up a separate thread and give us detailed information about the licenses and websites that you want to change.

Thank you.

Hi Andy,

I checked the purchase key in question which you’ve added in the secure note, there is no other username associated with that purchase key.

That shows the purchase key is free and your client needs to use that purchase key to sign up for the Themeco account. The customer should go to this link and click on the create account button at the top right section of the screen:

Please ask them to make sure that they clear their browser cache before creating the account.

After the account creation, the customer can go to the licenses page and follow the steps mentioned in this article.

If the problem of the white page is happening in the WordPress dashboard of the user website installation, that might be because of the server related issues, the customer will need to enable the debug mode of the WordPress to see the actual problem error message instead of the white page.

Thank you.

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