Buttons fix

the woocommerce shop/product page on mobile the add to cart button isn’t showing up at all though.

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You can find the whole theme related option regarding the Woocommerce plugin in X > Launch > Options > Woocommerce.

But if you want to change an auto-generated text you need to follow the same steps you would do to translate the theme but instead of translating to another language you simply change the text to whatever you like.

Please kindly read this article for more information:

If you do not see the section in the translation files it shows that the text is not generated by the theme and is the part of the Woocommerce plugin. In that case, you will need to translate the Woocommerce plugin. Here is how to do so:

Thank you.

Apologies, I thought that was related to the issue, the add to cart button is not showing at all on mobile, previous theme did not have this issue.

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Would you mind providing a sample URL that has this issue? I checked mine and it has add cart button in mobile.


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