Big issues with WPML Plugin - supposed to be compatible with X Themes

Hi again, I’m getting furthe complications accross my site. Upon purchasing the WPML plugin there was no reference to needing to have Web Development experience to “Self-Translate” however following the download the need to have WD experience is reiterated several times: and I can see why - it is so complicated and is causing all kinds of issues: 1) Not loading the thumbnail on any embedded videos of the translated pages but just showing the URL code, 2) Not presenting the complete pages to be edited/translated but only half, thus forcing one to edit amidst code outside of Cornerstone 3) and the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin (which came free) is even more complicated - whilst I was only half way through this implementation my Shop Page now has the menu duplicate over 80 times which requires one to scroll done through these before getting to the products! I have deactivated the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin since it is not wessential that my shop is translated at the moment, but still no change to th Shop Page. Can you assist please?

Hi There,

First, please check this translation guide specially translating a theme with WPML here. Then share your site URL/specific page so we can check the issue.