Animated page elements triggered by scrolling?


Many websites now use animated page elements that fade in, fly in, nudge up or down, etc. as the visitor scrolls through the website.

Does Pro allow us to do this out of the box? If not, will this be coming soon (I hope so!), and can you recommend a way to add this in for now?



Yes, Pro does allow it. You can see it in action in our demo pages.


Thanks. Which demos should I view, and can you link me to a tutorial that shows how to do this please, or explain here?



You can click on the first demo.

I am sorry but we have no tutorial that shows how to do it.

It’s pretty straightforward, you just need to enable it then set the timing and offset.

For example for the column element.

Just note that not all the elements have animation effect.

For more information kindly refer to our KB

Hope that helps.

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