Adding Arabic and other Google fonts to PRO without disabling the font manager


I’m about to try WPML on an important website I’m managing.

The problem I’m facing now is how to add Arabic and other google fonts to PRO’s font templates manager without disabling the font manager as disabling the font manager will cause some issues. The connection between the font manager, font template the theme’s global settings is starting to get confusing. What’s the best solution please?

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Hi There,

There’s is no option available in PRO to set different font for Arabic or RTL language. If you are for example using Lato font, it will still be Lato in Arabic, just arabic text instead of English text. That is possible though with custom CSS. See this link for guidance:

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But when I disable the font manager, I can see and use the Arabic fonts in the template manager and they appear properly, am I missing something? the questions is how to make them appear without disabling the font manager.


Hi there,

At the time being you do not have a choice to use the Font Manager unfortunately as the Google Fonts in the Font Manager all are the ones already on the list and should be updated.

I will be glad to report the detailed case of yours to the issue tracker for the consideration. Would you please kindly give us the detailed scenarios of the Arabic font you want to use with and without the Font Manager? That will help us to test in our local installation and provide a detailed report to our development team for the further consideration.

Thank you for your contribution.

Quite frankly, the font manager / no-font-manager / font template manager…etc are very confusing and I still don’t understand why I wouldn’t just disable the font manager, and if there’s a template font manager, why do we have a theme font manager.

Anyhow, here are the Google’s Arabic fonts I’d like to use:



I am confused as well. Can you provide us a screenshot of what you are referring to as Theme font manager and font manager.

The theme has only one font manager kindly refer to the link below.



I’ll ask the question differently.

I’d like to use Arabic Google fonts with the theme without problems. How? any problem I should pay attention to/?

Hi there,

I tested the case with one of the Arabic fonts you gave the link called Cairo. I added the font to the Font Manager as the body text. Then I went to the options, enabled the FOtn Manager and selected the body as the font.

Then I added a page and added sample Arabic text and it worked with no problem.

Would you please kindly give us the exact problem you are experiencing regarding the issue?

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