404 pages look different from what they should

If you go to a random page to generate the 404 error such as http://wordpress-100914-318775.cloudwaysapps.com/asdfjkl you will find a page that is different from what it should look like (see screenshots) any idea why this might be happening?

We are using the 404 plugin from Themeco. In addition, the header we built using Pro is supposed to display on all pages.

Hi There,

First, please validate your PRO theme.

Regarding the styling issue, please do add Page Not Found custom CSS on X > Launch > Theme Options > Global CSS instead. We need to add those CSS on Global CSS so it can be available site wide including 404 page like this.

I can see you have two header.
Unfortunately, as of the moment, a specific header should be set as global for it to work on 404 page. Current headers is not assigned as global. We have already added a request to add 404 page on the assignment area of the header builder. We will let you know once we have an update.

Hi Lely,

Thanks for your help. I guess by setting it to Global, it will be fine while I move the CSS to Global CSS.

As for the validation of the theme, it is currently validated on my staging site where development is happening. The site I provided access to was a copy of that staging site and will now be deleted.

Hello There,

To make your page 404 work, please moved your custom css to the global css section in X > Launch > Theme Options > Global CSS (http://prntscr.com/evui3r) or in the customizer, Appearance > Customize > Custom > Edit GLOBAL CSS.

Please also be advised that for one license, you can validate your staging site and your production site at the same time. This is to make sure that you can unlock the theme in both WP installations and be able to install plugins if needed.

Hope this helps.