Using your Elite project board

In this article, we're going to talk about using your Elite project board.

  1. Elite Board Layout
  2. How to Add a New Task
  3. How to Interact with our Elite Team
  4. Columns of a Task
  5. WorkFlow of a Task
  6. How to Add Credentials
  7. Summary

Elite Board Layout

The Elite board is the primary place where you will communicate with our Elite team, track the status of your tasks, and generally spend your time while using our Elite service.

The Elite board is comprised of three main sections:

  • Boards - This section shows a list of boards available for you.
  • Tasks Group - This group shows the tasks list for your current plan.
  • Notes Group - This group is for storing site credentials and non task-related questions.
Elite Board Layout


Use the boards section to access the main Elite board where you can track your tasks and time spent by the Elite team. If you have large tasks such as building a website or other large project, we may create a separate board for that project and you can use the boards section to switch between the individual project board and your main Elite project board.

Tasks Group

This is the most used group that you are able to add your tasks and communicate with our team. You will be able to see the task progression and status using this group.

Notes Group

This is the sole place to add any kind of credentials needed for our team to access your website(s). Also, you can use this group to ask any non task-related questions and keep a record of all questions and answers.

How to Add a New Task

To add a new task, click the + ADD at the very bottom of the tasks group and it will be highlighted and you can enter the title of your task, then hit the Enter (Windows) / Return (Mac) key or click the ADD button at the right-hand side to create the task.

Elite Board Add New Task

To add more details and context around the task, click on the title of the newly created task and an updates panel will open on the right hand side, where you can add any additional information. Hit the Update button to add an update to the task. The more detailed and specific your task requests are, the quicker it will be for us to get started.

Elite Board Update Task

How to Interact with our Elite Team

Upon creating a new task or updating an old one, our Elite team will reply to your update and clarify any details necessary before starting the work on the task.

You can use the Reply button to reply back to the team and the Like button to acknowledge receiving the Elite team reply.

Elite Board Reply Task

It is possible to attach a file to your reply using the Attach Files link and you can use the @ character to mention a team member which will notify the team member instantly.

Elite Board Mention Task

Columns of a Task

Each task of the board contains columns that give general information on the task at a glance. The columns of a board task are as follows:

  • Task Title - This column shows the title of a task.
  • Added - This shows the person who created the task and task creation date.
  • Last Update - This shows the person who last updated the task and the date of the last update.
  • Link - This is used for adding a link to the site that the task is about.
  • Assigned - This shows the team member who is assigned to do the task.
  • Time Tracker - This shows the time spent on the task.
  • Task Status - This shows the current status of the task.
  • Sign-Off - This shows whether or not a task has been signed off by you, following completion.

Other than the Task Title, Link and Sign-Off columns, they will either automatically updated or updated by the Elite team.

Elite Board Task Columns

The information at the top-left section of the tasks group shows the service you use and the hour block that you purchased and the date of the purchase.

WorkFlow of a Task

The lifecycle of a task starts with the task creation which sets the status of the task to Not Started. The next step is the communication between you and us to clarify the details of the task. Once all the details are clear, we'll get started and whenever somebody is actively working on a task, the status changes to In Progress. This automatically starts the time tracker.

When the person assigned to the task stops working on it for any reason, they will change the status to Paused and the time tracking will stop.

If our team cannot proceed with the task because we need further input from you, the status of the task will change to Response Required and we will add an update to let you know what we need. You'll be notified when this happens.

Once we've completed the task, we'll change the status to Completed and you will be notified to check. The Sign-Off column status automatically changes Ready to Approve. This is your opportunity to high five us or let us know of any changes you'd like to be made. You can change the status to approve the work, or request revisions. Alternatively, you can just add an update to the task and we will change the status for you.

Once you're happy with the work, the Sign-Off column status will change to Approved and the task will be complete.

If the Sign-Off column is changed to Revision Required, the task status will automatically change back to Not Started and the workflow repeats. This will be repeated until you're ready to sign off a task.

How to Add Credentials

To provide the credentials of your live or staging version of the website you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the All Site Credentials task to open up the update panel.
  2. Click the Info Box tab to show the notes.
  3. Click the Add a note button to add a new note.
  4. Add a title and description for the newly created note containing the credentials.
Elite Board Add Note


Now you know how to use the Elite board to add your tasks, communicate with the Elite team and are familiar with the board layout and Workflow.

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