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Using your Care Project Board

In this article, we're going to explain how to use your Care project board.

  1. Care Board Layout
  2. How to Add a New Unscheduled Task
  3. How to Interact with the Team
  4. Columns of a Maintenance Task
  5. WorkFlow of a Maintenance Task
  6. How to Add Credentials
  7. Summary

Care Board Layout

The Care project board is the primary place that you would communicate with us, track the status of your site updates, and generally spend your time while using our Care service.

The platform is comprised of four main sections:

  • Boards - This section shows a list of boards available for you.
  • Credentials Group - This group shows the necessary credentials and none maintenance-related questions.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Group - This group shows the scheduled maintenance tasks.
  • Unscheduled Maintenance Group - This group shows the unscheduled maintenance tasks.
Care Board Layout


Use the boards section to access your main Care board(s) where you can track all your site updates. If you have more than one Care plan with us, you will see multiple boards here, one for each site.

Credentials Group

This is where you can add any kind of login credentials needed for our team to access your website, in order to perform site updates. You can use also this group to ask any non maintenance-related questions.

Scheduled Maintenance Group

This is the most used group, where you can track the updates carried out on your site, and get the reports and details of each cycle.

Unscheduled Maintenance Group

This is where you can add any unscheduled maintenance requests, outside of the schedule we have determined.

How to Add a New Unscheduled Task

To add a new unscheduled request in the Unscheduled Maintenance group, click + ADD at the very bottom of the group and it will be highlighted and you can enter the title of your task, then hit the Enter (Windows) / Return (Mac) key or click the ADD button at the right-hand side to create the task. We suggest that you add Update as the title of the task.

Care Board Add New Task

If there is something specific that you want updated, or have more context to add to the request, click on the title of the newly created task, and an Updates panel will open on the right hand side. You can use the Updates tab to add further information. Remember to hit the Update button to save it.

Care Board Update Task

How to Interact with the Team

Upon creating a new request or adding an update to an existing one, you'll be able to interact directly with members of our team.

You can use the Reply button to respond to any updates or comments made, and the Like button to acknowledge something.

It is possible to attach a file to your reply using the Attach Files link and you can use the @ character to mention a specific member of our team, which will notify them instantly.

Care Board Mention Task

Columns of a Maintenance Task

Each item on the board contains columns that give general information on the task at a glance. The columns of a board task are as follows:

  • Task Title - This column shows the title of a task.
  • Date - Shows the person who created the task and task creation date.
  • Status - Shows the current status of a maintenance task.
  • Report - This is a place that you will be able to download a report of a completed maintenance task.

All the columns of the tasks are either populated automatically or by one of our team.

Care Board Task Columns

WorkFlow of a Maintenance Task

The lifecycle of a maintenance task starts with the task creation which sets the status of the task to Scheduled.

If the task is created by you in the Unscheduled Maintenance group, one of our team might get in touch with you by adding an update and tagging you, to clarify any information required, before we proceed with the updates.

Once we have completed the update process, the status column will then be changed to one of the following:

  • Complete - This means that all updates were carried out successfully and your site is up to date.
  • Check Update - This means that your site has been updated, but there is additional non-urgent information that you should take a look it.
  • Warning - This means that we have identified a problem during the update that requires your attention.

After the site updates are completed and status shows Complete, a new PDF icon will be generated under the Report column. You will be able to download the report by clicking on the PDF icon.

How to Add Credentials

To provide login credentials for your website, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Credentials task to open up the update panel.
  2. Add your website credentials to the update.
  3. Click the Save button.
Care Board Add Note


Now you know how to use your Care project board to monitor your site updates, communicate with our team, and are familiar with the board layout and Care workflow.

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