Managing your Elite plan

In this article, we're going to talk about how to make changes to your Elite plan.

  1. Dashboard Layout
  2. Plan Management
  3. Access Your Project Board
  4. Contact
  5. Summary

Dashboard Layout

Your Themeco dashboard is the primary place to manage your Elite hours, change your Elite plan, or cancel the plan and looks like this:

Elite Management Dashboard Layout

Click on the Elite menu item from the list of products or services in your account to access the Elite dashboard.

Plan Management

Themeco Elite plans are recurring and you will be automatically rebilled for your next block of hours when you have less than 2 hours remaining. You can see the remaining hours at the top section of the plan management (this is updated once per day).

You can manually add one-time additional hours to your plan using the Add Hours button and following the checkout process.

You can also change your plan at any point of time using the Change Plan button. When you do this, the change will take effect when we renew your plan. In other words, when you get within 2 hours of your existing plan, we will renew at the new number of hours selected.

Finally, you are able to cancel your plan at any time by clicking the Cancel button.

Access Your Project Board

The Project board is where you can add new tasks, comments, and see the progress of your existing tasks. The Project Board button will take you there. You can read more on using your Elite project board here.


If you have questions on how to manage your Elite dashboard, you can contact us anytime by clicking the Get in Touch button.


Now you know all about the Elite section of your Themeco dashboard and how to add hours to your plan, change your plan, cancel your plan, and finally, get in touch with us.

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