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Managing your Care plan

In this article, we're going to talk about how to manage your Care plan.

  1. Dashboard
  2. Care Plan Management
  3. How to Contact
  4. Managing Your Subcription
  5. Summary


The Care section of your Themeco dashboard is the place where you can access your Care plan project board and get in touch with us about your Care plan. As soon as you purchase a Care plan, this section will automatically be added to your dashboard.

A prerequisite to managing the plan is to add the website URL that you want to be maintained.

Care Management Dashboard Website

Add your website and click the Setup Care button to be redirected to the main Care dashboard page.

Care Plan Management

As soon as the Care project board is ready you will be able to access the Care Project Board by clicking the Project Board button.

Care Management Dashboard Project Board

You can read more about how to use the Care Project Board here.

How to Contact

If you have questions about managing your Care plans or you want to contact us to say Hi!, you can click the Get In Touch button and add your Name, Email and Message and click the Submit button on the popup form.

Care Management Dashboard Contact

Managing Your Subcription

If for any reason you wish to cancel your Care plan, you can do so from your account Billing page, which can be found here.


Now you know all about the Care section of your Themeco dashboard, how to add your website, access your Care Project Board, and finally, how to contact us using the dashboard.

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