Getting Started With Elite

In this article, we're going to talk you through your first few steps after joining Elite.

  1. Joining Your Project Board
  2. Configuring Your ClickUp Account
  3. Further Reading
  4. Summary

When you purchase an Elite plan for the first time, we will create a dedicated project board for you in our chosen project management platform, ClickUp. Once created, we will send you an invite to join the board. As this is a manual process, it may take up to one business day, but we endeavor to do this much quicker.

Joining Your Project Board

Your project board invite will be sent by email with the subject line, "Themeco invited you to ClickUp." Open the email and click on the Accept Invite button contained within.

Getting Started With Elite

If you do not already have an account with ClickUp, you'll be prompted to create one. After entering your name and selecting a password, you'll be taken to ClickUp's personalized onboarding process. Once you have answered a few questions, you'll be taken to your new account dashboard.

Configuring Your ClickUp Account

When you first visit your ClickUp account dashboard, it will look something like this:

Getting Started With Elite

However, ClickUp gives you a number of options to personalize your experience to make it a joy and delight to behold, every time you use the platform to administer your tasks and projects. For example, when you hover over the sidebar, you'll see a cog appear at the top that reveals several options:

Getting Started With Elite

Once you're happy with those settings, you may wish to add your own profile picture, to make yourself really feel part of the team. You can do that by clicking on the current avatar in the bottom left hand corner, which reveals these options:

Getting Started With Elite

To change your avatar, click on My Settings and then on the existing avatar, and you'll see the option to Add Custom Avatar. Click that and follow the instructions. You'll also find a whole host of other personalization options in this area, which you can tweak to your hearts content.

If you're going to be making good use of your Elite plan (and we strongly recommend that you do!), then you may also want to consider downloading the relevant ClickUp app.

Further Reading

While this article should give you some useful pointers on getting started, that are contextually relevant to setting up your Elite plan, ClickUp has a wealth of information that will help to better understand the platform and the various customization options.

We would encourage you to check out their onboarding guide or for more articles that may be of interest, check out their getting started section.


That's a wrap. Now you should be all set up with your ClickUp account and understand how to make some simple customizations to tailor your experience. Now it's time to check out your Elite project board.

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