How To Forward Your Domain

This article was last updated on the January 2, 2017.

Once you’ve setup your WordPress site and are good to go to point your domain to Themeco Hosting there are two options you’re having. We recommend the first one but both are working.

IMPORTANT: We do NOT support A records as we are using dynamic IPs for our load balancers and therefore if you’re adding an A record that IP will change and your site won’t resolve anymore.

Change The Nameserver

The first and best solution would be to point the nameservers at your domain registrar to our hosting. You can find the nameserver settings in your Themeco Hosting dashboard on the overview page. They always end with __.YOURHOST.CO. Make sure to add all 4 nameservers to your domain to have the maximum of redudancy. If you need any help with changing the nameserver at your domain provider do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Another option is adding a CNAME to the dns file of your domain registrar. You can manage the dns in your domain panel of your provider. A CNAME is handled like a redirection so your CNAME settings would look like this: IN CNAME

The first value is your domain and the second the temporary url of the WordPress site you’re hosting with us. You can find that url by clicking the “Preview URL” button next to your WordPress site in the hosting dashboard. When using CNAME make sure that the nameservers are the default ones of the domain provider not ours.

You can’t use an APEX domain for a CNAME so you can’t add a CNAME without the www.. For that reason you will need to ask your domain provider to add a redirect from non www to www. So the CNAME with the www is resolving properly.